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Joint solutions for AI, Machine Learning and Analytics

HPE Premium Partner Engineered Solutions

For enterprise customers wishing to implement a more agile, cost effective, software defined data center, HPE is your business partner to lead the transition. By engaging with HPE, you will receive the expertise and experience needed to meet your business objectives and get the most from your investment. WekaIO and HPE work together to validate that our joint hardware and software engineered solutions have been tested to the highest standards from both companies. HPE engineered solutions are built on pre-defined configurations from the HPE’s premium Apollo and ProLiant server product lines, combined with WekaIO Matrix software for a true software defined storage solution.

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Reduce the AI development cycle with HPE, NVIDIA, WekaIO, and Mellanox

This white paper explores the impact of storage I/O on the training portion of the Deep Learning workflow and on inferencing for training model validation. AI development is akin to software development; while it is desirable to reduce overall cycle time, the finished product must function correctly, predictably, and reliably. The results shared in this paper show how increasing storage performance will help avoid I/O bottlenecks during model validation, reducing overall time for model development.

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